How to reset 2FA

We understand that under certain circumstances you might be required to reset your 2FA (e.g. lost/new phone).


Before raising a ticket to String Exchange Support team, please check if you have a backup secret key to recover the function. It would be the most convenient and fastest way to reset 2FA.

If the backup key is not available, our support team staff need to reset it manually. Please raise a ticket with the following information:


1.A high-resolution picture of you holding a note with the words “I want to reset my 2FA in String Exchange”, the date you raise a ticket on and your signature (please note signature should match with the one on your identification), as well as a passport or photo ID that submitted for your KYC process.



2. Your ID document and Proof of Address that you used to sign up.

Note: Make sure your face is clearly visible and all passport/other identification details are clearly readable. Please provide a photo as shown in the above picture.


It usually takes 1-2 business days to process your request for resetting 2FA.

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